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Welcome To

Moon Trades

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 Unlocking the Potential of Lunar Mining and Resource Utilization

What We Offer

Moon Trades is developing a low-mass, compact robotics surveying tool that combines VR, automated systems, augmented reality and AI for mining, tunneling, resource extraction, and ISRU.  It qualitatively and quantitatively identifies terrain and local resources through post-processing and imaging, in order to help scientists understand how to extract, utilize and measure the lunar surface to optimize how we mine for resources. 


The overarching goal is to create a fleet of integrated robotic products that will be able to modularly identify resources for applications in both terrestrial-based mining and lunar mining.  Aside from hardware and software, Moon Trades also consists of a non-for-profit outreach program for STEM engagement of industry professionals and students to help spread global awareness for sustainability and responsible resource extraction in space.

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Why Moon Trades?

Cutting Edge Technology

We are developing a novel lunar mining and tunnelling rover that utilizes robotics, AI, and VR/AR, to enable efficient and safe resource extraction on the lunar surface to optimize mining operations, improve resource extraction, and reduce environmental impact.

High Quality STEM Education

We are developing an early go to market comprehensive educational curriculum that covers a wide range of STEM-related subjects, with a particular emphasis on space sciences, catered to students and industry professionals of all levels.

Applications For Earth and Space

Our viability assessment initiatives include analyzing geological composition, resource distribution, and mining potential for Earth and the Moon. Through data analysis, modeling, and advanced mapping techniques, we will identify and evaluate commercially viable resources.

Creating Innovative Technology For Industry Applications

Partners & Supporters


Global STEM Initiative (GSI) 

Our Leading Partners In STEM Education.

Global STEM Initiative is one of Moon Trades' leading partners for developing and launching our STEM education platform.  We will provide beginner and advanced level online education using AI-enabled technology to empower learners with cutting-edge knowledge and skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. Our collaboration with GSI aims to deliver engaging and interactive learning experiences, fostering a passion for STEM subjects and preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of the future. Through our joint efforts, we strive to make high-quality STEM education accessible globally, contributing to the cultivation of the next generation of innovators, problem-solvers, and leaders.



  • What is Moon Trades?
    Moon Trades is a pioneering venture aimed at unlocking the potential of lunar mining and resource utilization. Our mission is to harness the abundant resources present on the Moon and propel humanity towards a sustainable future in space exploration and resource extraction. By leveraging advanced technologies, innovative methodologies, and collaborative efforts, Moon Trades aims to establish a successful and efficient lunar mining operation with applications for Earth-based industries in mining, manufacturing, energy, and more. As an addition, Moon Trades is also aimed at focusing its short-term go to market goals with providing an educational service-based solution for students and industry professionals of all stages to enhance their knowledge of STEM and space sciences. Specifically, we are formulating a curriculum that will serve as a foundation for our growth in both the educational and space hardware sectors.
  • Why Lunar Mining?
    The lunar mining industry presents significant opportunities for economic growth, technological advancement, and scientific discovery. With the increasing demand for resources on Earth and the exploration of new frontiers in space, lunar mining holds the key to unlocking a wealth of valuable resources, including rare earth elements, water ice, precious metals, and regolith for construction materials. Moon Trades will focus on three core areas: lunar mining technologies, resource identification and viability assessment, and sustainability solutions. Through research and development, we will pioneer cutting-edge technologies such as robotics, AI, VR/AR, and advanced mining equipment specifically designed for the lunar environment. These technologies will enable efficient and safe resource extraction, optimize mining operations, and reduce environmental impact.
  • Why STEM Education?
    Moon Trades recognizes the importance of education in advancing space exploration. To this end, we are developing a comprehensive educational curriculum that covers a wide range of STEM-related subjects, with a particular emphasis on space sciences. Our educational materials will cater to students and industry professionals of all levels, fostering a deeper understanding of space-related topics such as lunar mining, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and in-situ resource utilization for in-space assembly and manufacturing (ISRU ISAM).
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