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What Is Moon Trades?

AI Enabled Lunar Mining

We are pioneering a novel, sustainable, and reliable mining rover that is capable of extracting resources in-situ using advanced robotics, AI, and virtual reality that can be used for research and exploration in the manufacturing, energy, and electronics industries both on Earth and in-space. Our mission is to revolutionize resource utilization, opening new frontiers for sustainable development on Earth and supporting human expansion into space.

Global STEM Education

We are developing a complementary AI-enabled learning platform to support STEM education opportunities for students and subject matter experts of all ages and disciplines with a specialized focus on space sciences. Our platform aims to foster a dynamic and inclusive learning community, where individuals can explore and collaborate with like-minded enthusiasts and experts worldwide.

Our Vision:

01 R&D 


Moon Trades innovates a lightweight, compact robotics surveying tool, integrating VR, automated systems, augmented reality, and AI for efficient mining, tunneling, resource extraction, and ISRU applications on the Moon and on Earth.


Our overarching goal is to create a fleet of integrated robotic products that leverage AI and VR to modularly identify resources for applications in both terrestrial-based mining and lunar mining and tunnelling.

This enables:

  • Excavation Site Mapping

  • Mineralogical Identification

  • Sustainable Excavation

  • Resources For Manufacturing

02 Education Platform


Moon Trades is also launching a STEM education platform with our international partners to provide a comprehensive educational curriculum that covers a wide range of STEM-related subjects, with a particular emphasis on space sciences

Our educational materials will cater to students and industry professionals of all levels, fostering a deeper understanding of space-related topics. The subject matter areas addressed by Moon Trades encompasses material ranging in proficiency for topics including:

  • Mining and Tunneling on the Lunar Surface

  • Rocket Propulsion

  • Lunar Instrument Systems

  • In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU)

  • Space Robotics

  • Satellite Operations

  • Planetary Science

  • Earth Science

  • Robotics

  • AI and VR for Space

  • Understanding Space in Industry, Academia, and Government

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Moon Trades launches its educational platform throughout Europe and North America. R&D for lunar mining and feasibility study commences.


Initial rover prototyping begins. Moon Trades enters into partnership agreements with government space agencies and private industry.


Prototype available for Earth-based mining. 

Moon Trades focuses on commercial diversification of AI computing.


Launch rover payload to the lunar surface and begin commercial mining operations.

Continued development of robotics, and VR enabled hardware.


"In learning to touch the stars, we're truly learning to understand Earth."

— Commander Chris Hadfield

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